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May I send you a FREE unabridged eBook of the medieval novel 'The King's Jew'? Leave your details below. Thanks.  

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Welcome to my medieval world.

From the novel - A knight honours his pledge and keeps a dangerous vigil at the tomb of his lifelong friend, King Edward I. Friday. October 27th. 1307.

I'm sure you'd like a free copy of the new editions when they are published.
My publisher has allocated 25 paperback giveaways.
And, I have personally reserved 30 free eBook versions just for you!
If you'd like to avail yourself of the final copies of the old versions then just click the apple


I think there are maybe 30 copies left. First come, first serve from Amazon
However / If you'd like a signed paperback copy of the original (£10 UK only).
Just ask and you shall receive, courtesy of me and ...


FREE - On Monday, Feb 28th  we will draw one name out of the hat from all who leave their details in the next 7 days and send a Paperback to the winner. Thanks 

Thanks for submitting!

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