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Medieval England – where disease, starvation, war, and death are always present.
The author portrays an unflinching view of the poverty and hardship suffered by the people who inhabit London’s squalor, and of those working on the land. All of them subject to the whims of the ruling elite whose struggle for power is never-ending, and where loyalty is at a premium, while treachery and rebellion lurk beneath oaths of fealty made to the king.
The story revolves around Cristian Gilleson, a child born of rape, the illegitimate son of a lord, and who later discovering his mother was a Jew, played a role, which I feel is little known, in Britain’s history.
For readers who enjoy a story well told, I recommend the first book of the series for the vivid descriptions that breathe life back into people who died centuries ago, together with the settings they move through, and the battles that were fought.
For readers who enjoy historical novels, particularly well-researched ones, this is a must.

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insights into the creation of
'The King's Jew' quartet.


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Historical Fiction can mean different things to different people. I have long been fascinated by past times and after circling the annals for many years I landed in the Thirteenth Century when Edward the First occupied the throne of England.
Why the Thirteenth Century?
Well, Edward’s grandfather was King John (he of Magna Carta fame). Edward’s father was King Henry the Third. Henry’s claim to fame was the rebuilding of Westminster Abbey in honor of the last Saxon King of England (Edward the Confessor).
But I did not want to write a novel just about King Edward; even though he was a great man (You Scots and Welsh folk out there may not agree with this assertion!!)
And so was born my main character Cristian, the illegitimate son of Lord Gilles de Burgh, and known to his friends as CRISTIAN GILLESON and to his enemies 'THE KING'S JEW'.
Cristian’s mother was/could have been a Jew (I don’t want to spoil the plot!). The Jews in medieval England were tolerated and served a special purpose. You will learn a lot about their treatment in these novels BUT my main emphasis is the life of the common man in those days.
There are battles, obviously. There is love, obviously. There is the struggle for survival in a violent age. Even King Edward faced the same problems as the peasants.
The story unfolds through the eyes of Cristian whose friendship with Edward began when they were just aged six. Our tale begins and ends at Edward’s tomb on Friday, October 27th, 1307.
    I do hope you will join me in these adventures. It’s a journey that takes you to France, Spain, the Holy Land, Scotland and Wales. Sometimes sad, other times happy but, most of all, these are real people who walked these lands over seven hundred years ago.
Welcome to my world. 
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'The King's Jew'

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