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"The King's Jew" Book One

Set in Thirteenth-Century England and Europe this first book in the 'King's Jew Quartet' series details the life and times of Cristian Gilleson. From his extraordinary conception and birth in 1239 to his last vigil in Westminster Abbey on the funeral night of King Edward the First in 1307. 

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"The King's Jew" Book Two


This second book in the quartet picks up in the year 1265 shortly after the Battle of Evesham in August that year. - Many chroniclers of the day called it the 'Murder of Evesham' due to the fact that Lord Edward's troops went against the rules of chivalry by not accepting surrender.

Follow Cristian to the troubles in London when once again rebellion reared its ugly head.

There's a marriage (don't tell anybody!)

Join Cristian and Lord Edward on the Ninth Crusade.

They return in 1274 when Edward becomes King Edward the First. If you want to know more please click the link below. 

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"The King's Jew" Book Three

The third novel in the series will be published soon.


In the meantime here is a temporary cover for Book Three and a link to CHAPTER ONE.


NB - A certain name has been partially redacted so as not to create a 'spoiler'

"Short And Sweet"

A selection of short stories for when you have a spare minute or two in your busy day. Medieval and primeval – Tales of love and loss –Hope and despair – Joy and fortitude - that will make you reconsider the world around you. ​

And your thought for today is – 


“Don’t Look back. You’re not going that way.”

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