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Updated: Sep 16, 2019

Tip Number One for eBooks. We'll deal with hard copy later.

You've got your book on Amazon? Yes? Read on.

It's an eBook? Yes? Read on.

On the Amazon site a visitor to your page can 'Look Inside' for a preview.

Wouldn't it be nice to make this 'preview' available on your website or social media pages?

In that way prospective purchasers could sample your book and instantly buy it. Good idea eh?

Is it difficult to do this? No, it's easy-peasy. Ready?

Customizing a preview read and buy link on your blog or website.

Would you like to add a preview read of your book on your website or blog, with a buy your book button? Go to your book page on Amazon where you'll find a little Amazon code. But it’s not easy to find. Here it is.

Click on the ‘Embed‘ link below the price box on your Amazon book page. Now you can get the code to copy into your blog or website.

Once you add it, readers will see your book cover, the preview read and see buy and share buttons.

You have the choice between either a URL link or code for your site.

Here's an image to help you

Just copy the code and away you go.

I posted an image of my novel on my site and linked the code to the image so anybody can have a try before they buy.

Obviously the image is not of my page.

Happy embedding folks!

Any questions?

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