From a reader.

"I read this and I wanted to focus my comment on how atmospheric your writing is, how cinematic. I can picture the scenes without having to fill in any gaps—smells and sounds too, not only images.

There is no doubt that you shine when it comes to descriptions. But what I loved about your approach to describe the historical facts is that you don’t tamper with the reality of that century. I don’t read a lot of historical fiction, but I don’t shy from it either. The problem I found most often with other writers of this genre is that they try to beatify the history, to present only the glamorous clothes and lavish lifestyle, while glossing over the ugly parts—lice, squalor, sickness.

In truth, there was very little glamour during that time and most of us modern people would be horrified to live even the life of a Noble or a King. The brain-smashing pig incident was a great example of the life most of us would have had during that time - brutal, mean and cruel. Yet love was the same. Love endures."

'The King's Jew' Book Two

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