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Specially selected authors

The authors in this list are the writers I consider to have achieved a degree of excellence in their works that should not be missed.
To get a recommendation from me a writer must jump through many hoops. Many are called but few are chosen.
Thus, in no particular order of merit, I commend these works to the house.
If you wish to be included, please use contact form below. Thank you.

Rikon Gaites

Twenty years ago, Darius Odenkirk retreated behind the walls of Crecy House. The public spotlight upon the multi-billionaire dimmed, though the scandals that dogged his life were not entirely forgotten.

Presented with the opportunity of a lifetime, Joshua Wishaw, a wannabe investigative journalist, travels to Odenkirk’s home to obtain an exclusive interview.

Unnerved by the sinister atmosphere of the house, and the undisguised resentment of the servants, Wishaw suffers a conflict of conscience when Odenkirk reveals how he got away with murder.


Margaret Skea

Set against the backdrop of the turmoil of the closing years of the sixteenth century, Turn of the Tide follows the fortunes of a fictional family trapped at the centre of a notorious historic feud. Known as the Ayrshire Vendetta, it began in the 15th century and wasn’t finally resolved until the latter part of the 17th, the Cunninghames and Montgomeries dubbed the ‘Montagues and Capulets’ of Ayrshire.





Phillip D Curwood

Nathan Rothwell was a famous crime fiction writer back in the '80s, whose hedonistic lifestyle spiralled him into a near breakdown after the death of his parents. But his obsession for a beauty painted by John Constable, turns his life upside down, for he was about to discover a secret that inevitably sees him fall in love with her 200-year-old ghost; and their lives once more torn apart by vengeance, and murder.





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